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Our Story

When we first came to the mountains of North Georgia, like you, we went searching for a cabin management company. We had heard the war stories: high management fees, too far for cleaning and maintenance crews, price gouging, guests in cabins without the owner's knowledge, and so on.  At the end of the day, we found cabin owners were clearing 45% to 60% of the rental charge on average. It seemed the management companies were in charge - not the owners. We took over Blue Ridge Lodge Cabin Rentals on the premise that owners and management could co-exist, at a fair price. 

How Are We Different?


We understand that first and foremost, it is your cabin and you want to use it at your discretion. We don't impose limits on your stay and never ask you to pay to stay in your own cabin.


We charge a flat 30% management fee. No games or gimmicks. No hidden agendas or charges.


Our maintenance program is second-to-none because we have created a punch list system where all supplies and cabin concerns are checked after EVERY rental. Hot tubs are maintained after EVERY rental. If there's a problem (loose fan blades, loose door knobs, etc.), and we can fix it on site, there's NO EXTRA CHARGE. IT IS INCLUDED IN OUR CLEANING FEE.

Professional Labor

If there's a problem that our maintenance staff can't fix and we need to call a professional, (plumber, electrician, etc.), we can coordinate those logistics for you.  We will pay the bill and update you in the monthly statement.


Our cleaning crew is second-to-none because they can focus on cleaning, period. When you come to your cabin for a visit, our goal is for you to feel as if no one has ever been there since you left.


You always know who stays at your cabin, as we send you detailed statements for your rentals at the end of every month. 

Hours of Operation

We have a toll-free number and always make ourselves available. When someone wants to ask questions about renting at 8pm on a Sunday night, we are there. We believe in the "customer is king philosophy". When they are surfing for hundreds of cabins and are tired of looking but can't find anyone to talk to, we are there, toll-free.